Clearlake, CA

  Take me to where the sun gleams golden. Where the air is cool and crisp and bites when you breathe in. Take me to the high places so that we can see… Continue reading

Kira & Davis

It was such a pleasure to spend time with these two on a beautiful autumn weekend. They climb mountains together, and will soon be living life together. Cheers to these two!

The Art of Frybread

Take flour, baking soda, and some water. Mix it all up into a stick dough. And fry it in a pan until it turns golden. Our Navajo grandmother taught us how to make… Continue reading

Here We Navago pt. 1

The DinĂ© people are a quiet people. They are family-centric and have a deep care and respect for the land. They value consistency and it takes time to build trust. Over the past… Continue reading

No (Wo)Man is an Island

“NO MAN IS AN ISLAND”- Jenna, quoting a book she had been reading. We took a trip to the desert. To prove that we are strong, capable women. That we can hold our… Continue reading

The Future Mr. & Mrs. Smith

Taking AdVantage

We rose before the dawn to make our way to Frenchman Coulee to take full advantage of the sun. We climbed all day. And one car drove back. A few hours later, we… Continue reading

Grace Crawford

Kindered Spirits

Caylee Daniel

Nikkormat, 50mm 1.4

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